Change your Mindset About Money and Design Your Rich Life Through The Art of Journaling.

Do you...

😩 struggle with your relationship with money?

💸 Feel like imposter syndrome is holding back your abundant life?

📉 Feel unsatisfied with your finances and avoid it like the plague?

🤑 want to break bad money habits to stop self-sabotaging your wealth?

This challenge is for you.

We've designed a 21-day journaling journey to help you become aware of your patterns, identify areas of opportunity, and plot the path to your rich life, whatever "rich" means to you.

There are only three things in life that affect us all, regardless of our country, language, race, religion, or anything else that divides the human species: health, relationships, and money

And yet, most people avoid talking about money like the plague. It makes sense. Most of our decisions around money are emotional; they carry weight, sometimes shame and inherited narratives that have the power to dim your light and stop you from your own abundance. 

No amount of knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of finances will change the fact that we often make irrational decisions that hurt us when it comes to our stash of cash... 

That’s why we created the 21-day Mindful Money Challenge. We attack the issue at the root: your emotional connection to money to help you unpack your money baggage and start taking control of your coin.

Experience the transformative power of daily journaling for 21 days and beyond. By committing to this practice, you will:

💰 Gain Clarity and Rewrite Limiting Beliefs: Uncover and challenge the beliefs that hold you back from financial abundance. Rewrite your money narrative and create a positive mindset that empowers you to achieve your goals.

💰 Design Your Rich Life: Take control of your financial destiny by intentionally designing your desired life. Define what wealth means to you and create a roadmap to make it a reality.

💰 Foster a Healthier Relationship with Money: Break free from unhealthy patterns and emotions surrounding money. Develop a healthier and more balanced approach to managing your finances, leading to greater peace of mind and confidence.

💰 Discover Surprising Revelations: Explore your money habits and behaviors and gain valuable insights into how they impact your financial well-being. Uncover hidden patterns that may hold you back and unlock the keys to lasting change.

💰 Invest in Your Financial Literacy and Abundance: By dedicating time to journaling, you are investing in your future self. Enhance your understanding of personal finance, develop valuable money management skills, and set the foundation for long-term financial success.

💰 Connect with a Global Community: Join a vibrant community of individuals who are committed to self-development and personal growth. Share experiences, exchange insights, and gain support from like-minded individuals on the same journey as you.

Take the first step towards transforming your relationship with money and creating a life of abundance.

For under $5 a day, you’ll unlock things in yourself you never even knew were there. Things that have the power to change your life.

In the words of Snoop Dogg, “got my mind on my money and my money on my mind…” Money rules the world, but only the wealthiest people know how to rule money. That stops now.

Not everyone receives financial literacy in their homes or schools. In fact, most of us learn to avoid talking about money like it’s a looming villain, but not talking about money will create larger wealth gaps.

To make financially sound decisions, we need to do the self-awareness work to analyze where we come from, what it means for how we think, feel, and act regarding money, and define what rich lives we see for our futures. 

This challenge is designed to guide you on a search deep within yourself to build a mindful relationship with money.

We can’t tell you what it is; only you can do that, but we can ask you 21 deep questions so you’ll start seeing it yourself. I can’t wait to see what we find together. 

Learn how to:

💰 unpack your money baggage
💰 write your wealthy world into reality 
💰 get your emotions to work in favor of your financial decisions
💰 cultivate a wealthy mindset
💰 be kinder to your financial self

This challenge is designed to help you become aware of where your money is going compared to where you want it to go. And since money is such a tough topic, we’ll guide you in practicing financial self-compassion.

You are not a piece of someone else’s puzzle. You are your own unique puzzle. You have all the pieces, but you just might not be able to see the big picture.

Don’t worry. Each prompt will make things clearer. 

Let's grow your money mindset muscle together in 21 transformative days.

What this challenge is:

✔️ A series of guided journaling prompts so you have to show up and write
✔️ A community of journalers dedicated to growth to keep you accountable
✔️ A place to start uncovering your relationship with money to make better decisions
✔️ Questions to help you get to the root of your anxieties about money to live in more peace
✔️ A starting point to get you thinking about debt, investment, and savings to build a more abundant future

What this challenge is not:

Money advice
Stock pickings
A budgeting workshop
Made by a financial expert

"Joclub has been pivotal and paramount in my healing journey. Especially the challenges - the community, care, and kindness are so nurturing. I learn so much each time I do one." Cara, Mindful Money Challenger

JoClub and its various 21 Day Challenges have given me a community with which I can share my introspections in a way that allows me to see life through a different lens. I love the dialogues we're all having and they fuel me every week I attend a live call. This has been the community I've been looking for since I started my healing journey almost 10 years ago and I'm so glad to have found it in JoClub." Aika, Mindful Money Challenger

JoClub is the best investment I've made all year. We never stop becoming and I know present, past, and future me are proud of being a JoClub member. If you are looking for a group of individuals ready to dive into meaningful discussions that release lasting doses of serotonin then JoClub is the place for you.Ale, Mindful Money Challenger

Don't just take their word for it – experience the power of the Mindful Money Challenge for yourself. 

Join the ranks of satisfied participants who have unlocked financial freedom, gained clarity, and designed their rich lives through the tool of journaling. Start your journey today and unleash your true potential.

👨‍💻 This challenge is designed for people currently struggling with their relationship with money

👨‍💻 For young professionals who are unhappy with their finances

👨‍💻 For people who want to break bad money habits, identify areas of opportunity, and plot the path for a healthier dynamic with money

This challenge is going to air out the money narrative you inherited long before you were even born. 

Collective journaling is medicine you might not have known you needed. Welcome to the JoClub family. We’re so excited to be on this search for your wealthy life together. 

How does the challenge work?

✍️ You sign up for the challenge and get a welcome email with all the information you need to start.

✍️ On day 1, you'll start receiving daily guided video prompts. We’ve designed a journey of thought that will help you get to know yourself deeper.

✍️ You’ll be invited to a challengers-only group to cheer each other on, share daily insights, and get inspired.

✍️ You'll get lifetime access, so you can always return to the prompts and revise your answers. Like all other bonds, your relationship with money will change because what matters to you changes. We'll be there for you when it's time to pivot.

Let’s be realistic about expectations.


✔️ What this challenge is:

This challenge is meant for you to uncover your unique dynamic with money to take back control and feel empowered.

We’ll teach you how to start filtering information through your own unique lens, we’ll ask you questions to identify what value means to you, and we’ll introduce you to global people invested in their future growth.

We’ll talk about the roots of your money, your present-day habits and behaviors that either help or hurt you, and look ahead with action plans you can start taking to better your lifelong money journey.

What this challenge isn’t:

This isn’t a how-to guide about where to invest, and this isn’t financial advice. However, we will provide resources for you to grow your money mindset. 

Again, this is NOT a “how-to guide” but a challenge.

You will be challenged. To not only journal daily for three weeks but to answer tough questions that dig into the root of you. Buying the challenge is 50%, but doing the work is what makes all the difference. Don’t worry, we’re here to support!

These questions won’t always be easy, but that’s why not everyone is living their most fulfilling lives. Many people know they want more but don’t know how to start doing the hard work. 

By investing in this challenge, you’ll be one step closer to unlocking the treasures within yourself page by page, day by day.

Ruthless Belief in Yourself. RBY. A week of awareness, a week of action steps, and a week of actualization, where you’ll put the two together.

Week 1: Yourself

We’ll start with You. Week one is all about self-awareness. We’ll talk about family money, money narratives, first jobs, and resources you inherited.

Week 2: Belief

Week two is all about building your Belief. We’ll talk about hidden resources, your wants and needs, and the reality of your money situation today.

Week 3: Ruthless

And the last week is developing Ruthlessness. This is the accountability & actualization week. The glue that marries awareness and action. It’s about combining your past and present to plan for your most fulfilling future.

We’re not promising that all of your money problems will go away, but if you complete this challenge, you will feel more connected to yourself and your financial wellness than ever. You’ll discover you’re an infinite treasure chest.

Exploring yourself will become your new favorite habit.

We’re so damn excited for you.

Daily prompt videos

Every morning you will be emailed the video prompt of the day. The prompts are meant to gradually increase in introspection, so you’re really on a journey of self-discovery.

A prompt pack

At the end of the challenge, you’ll receive a PDF with all the prompts from the challenge, so you can repeat this exercise whenever you feel the need to.

A curated playlist

You’ll get access to a Spotify playlist created specifically for this challenge, to help you get in the right mood for writing and self-exploration. This playlist is available to challenge-takers only, and is not public on our account.

Access to an exclusive Facebook group

Along with all other challenge participants, you’ll get invited to a Facebook group. There, you can share your struggles and thoughts and discuss your path-creation journey with like-minded journalers from all around the world. You’ll see you’re not by yourself, and will get accountability through the other challengers.

5 FREE bonus calculators and printables

This challenge includes a BONUS of 5 calculators and printables to help you map your money mindset! The bonus includes: an energy audit calculator, a goal tracker PDF, a money map calculator, a money map PDF, a money mood calculator.

Hi everyone! I’m your host, Jo Franco, a writer, TV host, polyglot, world traveler, and serial learner.

I have been journaling for 16 years every single time I’ve been confused, flustered, excited, or I’ve had major changes in my life - and I want you to do the same!
I was born into a family of hard workers on one side of the family and extremely talented (but not as hard-working) people on the other.

In Brazil, my maternal grandparents worked their entire lives to give us stability they didn’t have, and just as we started getting old enough to start enjoying the fruits of their labor, we moved to the USA, where my mom went from being the daughter of a hard-working retired school principle and an officer in the marines to being a cleaning lady and nanny for a rich family in Connecticut.

Money ruled our world.

I saw the richness of the family she nannied for; I also saw how stressed my mom used to be playing the credit card game, trying to pay one off with the other.

As a young kid, I understood that money, or the lack of it, was the root of tumultuous and emotionally charged moments; the balance was thrown off, and all we did was scramble.

So, I built this challenge because I would want little Jo to be thinking about these things. I’ve since made my own abundant life and still keep my roots of cleaning houses near and dear to remember where I come from. 

JoClub is a mental wellness gym, and challenges are like boot camps for your thoughts and feelings. In 21 days you’ll get to know yourself in ways you wouldn’t have expected.

Whether this is your first challenge or third, you’ll start cultivating this life-long habit that I promise will elevate your life: journaling.

I’m not guaranteeing this challenge will grow your net worth X amount, but I am guaranteeing that the questions you’ll answer will bring more awareness to the anchor of our societies: money.

This challenge will better your relationship with a concept that we all have to deal with our entire lives - might as well make it a good one.

I’m your biggest cheerleader, and I really want to help you identify the reality of your situation to start making a realistic roadmap. Are you ready?

Pay in Full & Save or Get the Pricing Plan


When does the challenge start and finish?

The challenge starts the day you purchase it. It is self-guided, and you'll get lifetime access to re-do the prompts whenever you need to boost your money mindset. Emails will be sent to you daily, so you don’t need to worry about anything besides journaling!

What do I need to start this challenge?

An internet connection and a device to access your daily prompts, a notebook, and a good pen. These are the basics! But we also recommend a nice soothing beverage and a mindful playlist along it - they make the journaling experience so much better!

How long do I have access to this challenge?

After purchasing the challenge, you’ll get life-long access! That way, you can go back once a year or every 6 months to re-do the challenge and check your progress or rethink your relationship with money again if needed.

How much time do I need to do this challenge?

For the challenge to cause the desired effect, you must commit to at least 21 days of journaling. But we recommend that you keep working that muscle and write every day until the end of time!

Regarding daily investment, it really depends on how much you are willing to write. To fully get into that relaxed journaling mood, we suggest taking aside at least 30 minutes per day. No distractions!

How much does the challenge cost?

The challenge costs $99 for 21 guided videos that will transform your relationship with money and yourself. You'll get access to bonus PDFs and budgeting calculators, charts, and strategies from Jo Franco herself to build your rich life.

Meet The JoClub Movement

Founded by Jo Franco

JoClub is a global membership program for both people around the world, and organizations. We use the tool of journaling to unlock clarity, connection, and community in the name of growth.

Founded in 2020 when the world craved connection more than ever, JoClub has been uniting like-minded and global souls for two years and counting. The popular JoClub membership program was created because of a 30-day journaling challenge on Instagram stories, and now, we're making journaling challenges easier and more engaging than ever.

We journal as a collective on live journaling calls on a weekly basis, a concept our founder Jo Franco created from scratch that’s like a mental wellness gym, or what happens if you combined a yoga class with a writing workshop mixed with great dinner party conversation and vibey music where we have deep dialogue. The goal is to learn about perspectives around the world so we can stretch our own.

Are you ready to break bad money habits, identify areas of opportunity, and plot the path for a healthier dynamic with money?